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TM 150W Twisted Messes 150 Watt Box Mod

TM 150W Twisted Messes

TM 150W Twisted Messes 150 Watt Box Mod

Heute in der Übersicht die TM 150W Twisted Messes Box des namenhaften YouTuber Twisted Messes. Der passende Akkuträger zum Twisted Messes RDA! Die TM 150W Twisted Messes Box überzeugt durch eine sehr hochwertige Verarbeitung, tolles Design und ein paar netten Features. Klasse Optik und eine geniale Haptik kombiniert mit ordentlich Power und dem Chipsatz aus den USA!

Technische Daten zur TM 150W Twisted Messes Box
• 150watt Capability (Max Power at 0.09-0.3ohm)
• Chipset Manufactured in the USA
• Wattage Support Down to 0.05ohm in regular and temp control mode
• Spring Loaded 510 Pin
• Powered by Series 18650 Batteries (Replaceable)
• Temperature Control for Nickel or Titanium Wire
• Bonded Silicone-Rubber Coating for added Comfort and Durability (embossed with the Twisted Messes logo)
• 24k Gold-Plated Buttons and Battery Hatch
• Shot-Gun Style Battery Loading
• Resistance Locking for Temp-Control
• Safe-Guards: 5-Click locking feature, reverse polarity, over-heating, over-time, short-circuit, low battery voltage

Items Included with Purchase:

• Twisted Messes 150w Box Mod
• Certificate of Passed Quality Inspection
• User Manual (with instructions on basic operation and functionality)
• External Packaging (Printed Cardboard and Foam inserts to protect during transit)

Note: Batteries are sold separately, this device requires two (2) high-drain 18650 lithium ion batteries to operate..
This device has a 1 year limited manufacturer’s defect warranty. For warranty claims please contact us via email at [email protected] for instructions
Maximum wattage output (150watts) can be achieved with resistances between 0.09 and 0.3ohm. Maximum power output will also be dependent on the types of batteries used and the health of those cells.
Quelle: http://twistedmesses.com/product/tm150w-twistedmesses/

Ich finde das die TM 150W Twisted Messes Box perfekt für den Twisted Messes RDA entwickelt wurde. Die eingestellte Leistung wird sofort abgerufen und macht was sie soll!

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